We help enterprises achieve their goals with blockchain solutions
We help enterprises achieve their goals with blockchain solutions
Lykke Business develops effective blockchain solutions to improve and streamline business processes.
We provide relevant and up-to-date solutions in the dynamic financial, consumer, and service sectors. Our extensive knowledge and profound experience help us serve enterprises by building, launching and managing Digital Solutions powered by Blockchain, and operate our own trading and marketplace platform.
What makes us Different
Deep Expertise
We have vast experience in business model innovation, tokenization and cutting edge blockchain technology.
Transparency and Openness
We share our technologies and offer open-source blockchain solutions that could be used by people all over the world and could enable highly cost and time effective business cases for our partners.
Customer Orientation
We develop products taking into account the needs, capabilities, and goals of both enterprises and end users. We offer not only effective solutions but also our support and service at each stage before and after implementation.
Since day one we have been facing the challenge of providing seamless user experience across all our own Products as the Lykke Exchange and the Lykke Wallet. Building a great and easy way of using products is essential to our business.
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Our customers and partners about us
Emaar Group: blockchain referral and loyalty platform
Lykke developed a cutting edge technology infrastructure with significant potential, which formes the basis of the Emaar community token designed to represent referral and loyalty points and monetary valuable assets.
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Yury Glushkov
Head of Blockchain Protocols & Security
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Trading Platform for BNP Paribas
Lykke built the global CFD (Contract for Difference) Trading Platform to create a more flexible, user-friendly and secure space for real-time trades with multiple assets.
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Andrey Anokhin
Engineering & Architecture
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Crypto Wallet with Exchange connection for Raiffeisen
Lykke created the Crypto wallet for safe and secure storing of digital assets for one of the largest Swiss banks, Raiffeisen, with the assistance of their innovative incubator RAI LAB.
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Sergey Nesterov
Engineering & Architecture
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Lykke and IATA developed the concept and a prototype for a platform with a token, in which the IATA corporate coin would be a base currency for the aviation industry to settle worldwide payments for airlines and business partners using blockchain technology, which lowers transaction fees and speeds up settlements, resulting in lower risks.
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Andrei Tarutin
Engineering & Architecture
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Hanwha Systems
Conceptualization and development of the fully lifecycle and accounting setup for a tokenized Venture Capital and Bond Fund leveraging the Stellar protocol.
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Alexey Novichikhin
Engineering & Architecture
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Lykke Digital Asset Exchange
Development and operation of the full digital assets exchange infrastructure including market making, risk management, trading tools, and custody capabilities.
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Giorgi Mukhigulashvili
Cloud Architecture & Engineering
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Lykke Platform
Our Platform is blockchain agnostic from any blockchain and gives you a strategic advantage of remaining flexible and not being bound to a specific blockchain protocol. The Most Secure, Flexible, and Scalable Blockchain Platform for Enterprise solutions.

We work with some of the leading companies across the globe who are using our platform to streamline financial markets, manage supply chains, and create new business models.

Why are enterprises choosing Lykke Platform?
Security & Data Consistency
Due to blockchain's decentralized architecture, all the data recorded on the blockchain is virtually impossible to hack or manipulate by. Our customizable privacy and permission settings allow companies in every industry to build the security controls and privacy levels they need.
We provide all relevant architecture components for creating efficient enterprise solutions powered by blockchain and give you a strategic advantage of remaining flexible without being bound to a specific blockchain protocol.
We enable our partners to leverage all benefits of modern technologies in finances by providing a highly comprehensive platform in interacting with all leading blockchains and creating an application layer for various mobile and web applications.
Blockchain technology reduces the cost of trust and collaboration, which has traditionally been expensive for businesses. Each and every solution powered by our platform helps you to reallocate your financial and human resources in line with your business goals.
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